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Review / Mask Black Head Pilaten

Hello beautiful I have them a new review of a famous mask to remove blackheads,

Every day we are more concerned, both girls and boys, by the care of our bodies and our appearance. : From adolescence an enemy who seeks to join the rest of our lives appears  those pesky blackheads . 

What are blackheads?

The name black spot  is a vulgar meaning of dermatologic term  “open comedo” .  They are dark spots on the skin that form when the sebaceous secretions mixed with dead cells. They look black because they are very dense, have many dead cells packed into a very small space.

If you want to know more about this interesting topic because blacks and tips out points to prevent them or you should not do like washing the face too often or not helps to prevent blackheads.



As is what use completely, did not know whether to use only what is needed in the nose, leaving the rest in the envelope was dry, so apply all over the face and I put my boyfriend alone in the nose .

By applying a pilaten mask must be previously clean our face, apply it out bathing  Quit acting and as applied to the entire face could not smile or talk to as Hiba drying.

At the moment I spend the time to retire, I retire to my boyfriend and not much looked the points that retirement although almost does not have many long always to care and removed the points, then I begin to remove the mask my face and ooh dolooor hurt me like never not know if this is just like when you shave to be hot or cold the beautiful, or because the use on the entire face or but if it hurts, the total was withdrawing gradually as enduring pain ..

My boyfriend was hurt nor was burning only apply it on the nose and cheeks sides

And to check if he had retired points, if I clean a bit if you remove something but not completely, because then my boyfriend was quitándomelos ones that did not turn out completely, and as you can see my nose was something red and not just the nose other areas were encogesidas face.

If leaves your skin like bb feels smooth after you rinse the face, but if red nose and red hard me all day became night and told my boyfriend that my nose looked red even this was Sunday at 3 pm when applied.

The truth until I asked my boyfriend if he believed that if you are removing the mask are removed Bellotos face because if it hurt to remove it, he says he does not believe but I doubt it.

And Monday’s nose looks clean but I left a pimple on the red cheek like when you are bitten by a mosquito and you scratch is incha something like this and had not left me alone with her cheek or nose.


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