W H A T T H E # $ * ! D O W E K N O W ! ?

"BLEEP" Passes the One Million $$$ Mark!

Playing in an average 12 theaters a week, "What the BLEEP" has logged over $1M in ticket sales.

Film Festivals - We have been in 5 festivals, and won 5 awards!!!
  • 2004 Ashland Independent Film Festival - Best Documentary
  • 2004 DCIFF - DC Independent Film Festival - Grand Jury Documentary Award
  • 2004 Maui Film Festival - Audience Choice Award - Best Hybrid Documentary
  • 2004 Houston World Fest - Platinum Remi Award
  • 2004 Sedona International Film Festival Audience Choice Award, Most Thought-Provoking Film.

Opened to Sold Out shows in Los Angeles, Denver and Maui.

New theaters booked throughout California, New Mexico, Washington, Colorado, and others... Please check the show times. By mid-August we will be playing in 50 venues.

Please note - our July 9 Opening at Loews in Santa Monica is now Friday July 16. Filmmakers William Arntz and Mark Vicente will be there friday and saturday for Q & A.

AND -- East Coast here we come!

On September 10th we open in New York City, Boston, Virginia, and Texas. With many, many more cities to follow -- over 200 theaters from coast-to-coast this FALL!

What does this mean? What can I do?

It means ... its showtime! Our word-of-mouth buzz has been incredibly instrumental in our successes everywhere. At the Denver opening, three-quarters of the audience said they heard about BLEEP from a friend or associate. So --
  • Please tell everyone you know about the wide release of "What the BLEEP." We used to say "tell your friends", but part of this phenomenon is that ... you/we can never tell who's going to love it. So, as a friend says: "Empower them all, let Karma sort it out!" Tell everyone!
  • Have people sign our mailing list. It's important to keep the phenomenon spreading
  • To help in your local area, sign up for street teams. We will send you posters, postcards, and other cool stuff. It is a wonderful way to "shake the grid" and increase the awareness about our BLEEPIN' film.
  • Contact Media - both local, national, and intergalactic. The media is always looking for the breaking story. Well, we got it: a film made outside the entire Hollywood system is re-writing the book, and showing that there is an audience for films of a spiritual and scientific nature. Media leaders like Oprah, Ebert & Roeper, Joel Siegel, Gene Shalit, Bill O'Reilly and CNN will start to pay attention when their phones and in-boxes are ringing with reports of something new and wonderful. Let the media know we're here and we're not going away.
People can't get enough of "What the BLEEP" -- which is the good news and the bad news. Bad insofar as pirate copies of the film, both the sound and script, printed books, and audio tapes (with our Logos on it) have begun appearing. All of these copies are unauthorized, and are basically theft. We are releasing our materials in a sequence to maximize the impact of the film. These pirate versions affect that, and cheapen the experience. If you come across any copies, please, please tell us immediately. Call 1-866-312-5143. It is criminal, plain and simple, and we don't want that energy at all associated with this project. Please help protect the filmmakers. Remember, we also need this to be a financial success so that more films like this get made.

And finally, I would personally like to thank everyone who has taken their own time and energy to promote our film. It is this grass roots excitement that has produced box office numbers that have astounded the Hollywood distributors. It also shows in very dramatic fashion how we do, have, and ARE creating a new reality.

Yours truly,
William Arntz
Producer, Director,...

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W H A T T H E # $ * ! D O W E K N O W ! ?

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