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How often to clean your home, according to science

If you have been avoiding spring cleaning since the start of the season, you can be sure it’s not alone.

For most of us, the idea of washing or steam cleaning our carpets refrigerator drawers makes you want to get under the covers and want to return the winter. Well almost.

As we all need a little extra motivation to decide to grab rubber gloves, we’ve gathered advice from leading experts in the field on how often you should clean everything, and, more importantly, why .

The moment of truth: more than once a year.

Cleaning frequency microwave oven: Every week.

For years, it was supposed to cook food in a microwave oven was a great way to kill bacteria and make it edible without problems. If you are guilty of reheat leftovers for several days in the microwave oven, we have troubling news: new research suggests that this could be a myth, so keep your oven free splash is crucial. We recommend a mild cleaning once a week, and a deep cleaning twice a month. Try this useful preparation: mix half a cup of water with half a cup of white vinegar in a dish to put the microwave. Bake in the oven until the window fogging, and then clean the interior with a sponge. Easy peasy!

Frequency of cleaning the tub: Every week.

The toilet has a reputation of being one of the dirtiest bathroom areas, but according to new research, can not be compared with bathtub. Elizabeth Scoot, co-director of the Center for Hygiene and Health in Home and Community Simmons College in Boston, compared the bacteria found in bathtubs with the dustbins. You should read those conclusions before bathing. Scoot found bacteria that cause skin infections in 26 percent of the tubs tested, in contrast to only 6 percent of garbage cans. Yes, your bathtub is officially dirtier than the trash. The verdict: clean your bathtub with the same frequency as your toilet, ideally every week.

Surprisingly, recent discoveries suggest that your sheets are not as dirty as you thought. “We have done research that showed that you do not have much exposure to dust mites (when) in bed as we thought before,” said Euan Tovey, director of the Research Group Allergen of the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research. You suffer exposure to dust mites wherever they move, not only when you are in bed. But before you stop washing your sheets, take note: results will vary depending on your bedtime routine. If you do not shower after work, or if you sleep without clothes, try to wash sheets every one or two weeks in hot water.

Cleaning frequency refrigerator: Every month.

Hold: scientists say drawers for vegetables contain 750 times more bacteria than the permissible level, which makes them one of the main places to be cleaned regularly. Do not wait for spring cleaning reminder: this part of your monthly home deserves attention.

Frequency of cleaning your computer: Every week.

70 percent of Americans, a considerable figure, eat lunch at their desks, which makes the computer keyboard a real breeding ground for bacteria. One study found that keyboards are home to five times the level of bacteria that can be found on the toilet seat, but 10 percent of people never cleaned. Set aside time every Friday to give it a limpiadita to your desk with disinfectant spray. Pay attention also to the mouse, and use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean between key and key.

Frequency of carpet cleaning: Every 6-12 months.

We do not like having to tell him, but vacuuming does not count as cleaning the carpet. If you do not regularly clean the floors with steam, research suggests that this could harm your health. “The air quality inside the house may be 8 to 10 times worse than outdoor air quality. If you do not clean your floors and curtains, and does not let the air regularly, “says Robin Wilson, an interior designer who specializes in allergies rid your home. But that is not all. Another study suggests that your carpet could contain up to 200,000 bacteria per square inch. Already we have convinced? Opt for a www.londoncleanltd.co.uk/rug-cleaning.html┬áprofessional steam cleaning every 6 or 12 months, or more often if you have pets.

Frequency of cleaning pillows: Every three months.

Linings pillows can protect your bed from dust mites and everyday dirt, but do not forget to wash the pillow itself; Wilson says that every three months is ideal. Depending on your allergies, you should replace your pillows up every six months, but admits that most people can keep them for up to three years.


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