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Submitted by: Nils O. Jacobson, , Select on 06/15/2004 at 05:54.
Hello, Just found this site through the Abraham-Hicks email list. I live in Sweden, it is a bit far away to get a ticket. When will it come on DVD? Greetings from the Old World, Nils

Submitted by: Heather Teach, age 34 from Portland, OR, OR on 06/15/2004 at 01:20.
Thank you! I am grateful to live in Portland and be able to be a part of spreading the word and energy about this film, this divine creation of yours (ours). My father was the one who taught me that I create my own reality. I knew that my actions created my reality at a young age...but I did not really "get" that statement until (around 21y/o) I began to know Who I Really Am...A Divine Human...a Conscious Creator...GOD. I have proven to myself over the years that I do create my reality...with thought and emotion...with a focus...to know myself. I have realized that every moment (NOW) is an eternal opening of unlimited possibilities...so what do I choose right now? I choose to create my dreams, my unlimited potentials...I have surprised myself, my family and my friends by being true to myself and creating that which seemed impossible or at least very challenging. ...I know that every negative thought manifests as do my Psitive thoughts...then I realized that I do have a choice between the two...I am the creator! I thank you for the love and open energy that has been poured into your co-creation of "What the Bleep do WE KNOW?" I applaud every human being who steps in through the doors of The Baghdad Theater in Portland or any other theater where this precious film is being offered...I applaud you for being willing to hear and see and feel such a new (yet so eternal indeed) paradigm..to REMEMBER WHO YOU REALLY ARE...once again...I am grateful and full of Possibilities....Love, Heather Teach

Submitted by: Carole Teach, from Buffalo, NY, NY on 06/15/2004 at 01:05.
This is so special for me tonight. I believe in your work and your message. Hope to see it across the country. I'll take it with me. Thank you.

Submitted by: Joan Noyce, age 50 from Corvallis, OR on 06/15/2004 at 00:05.
I have seen the movie several times and would dearly like to get a copy(s) to share with friends. I know people in several areas that would like to see this, but the local theaters will not be showing it. It would be great to share this sooner rather than later. Thank you. my atheist son thought it was a great movie.

Submitted by: Cory Trotter, from roseburg, OR on 06/14/2004 at 16:44.
Oh my God! at points in this film tears moved down my face. I feel validated and as if a window is opening. As if a dream from long ago is coming into being. Thank You for your efforts, love, and selves. What the Bleep Do We Know has touched my life most sincerely. I've heard and read many self-help, spiritual, books but none has helped me connect to the scientific. Thank you. Finally my family is given an opportunity to have their minds and hearts elevated by a movie! I feel less strange, weird or just abstract. This movie represents deep inner knowing that now I can begin to articulate it to others who try to understand me and how I see the world. THANK YOU WITH LOVE!! how else to say...I envision a world of peace and intergalactic harmony. In Lak'esh, (I am another yourself) cory willow

Submitted by: Gregg , from Phoenix, AZ on 06/14/2004 at 15:54.
We give Love and Gratitude to the Buddhas that came before us. We give Love and Gratitude to the Buddhas with us now. We give Love and Gratitude to the Buddhas that will come after us. We give thanks for this Blessing of God's Truth with infinite Love and infinite Gratitude.

Submitted by: Christian Dreke, from Scottsdale, AZ on 06/13/2004 at 22:54.
Great Movie. It may have been done before, but never this well. It educates and entertains, enlightens and provokes thought.

Submitted by: Bobbiejean Davis, age 76 from Tucson, AZ on 06/13/2004 at 20:48.
I simply adore the fillm.. Pleaee make more good films. Get them out to more theatres. We need and crave more good films closer to real life and less catering to old standards. Great Job. Keep it up.

Submitted by: John Phillips, age 23 from Salem, OR on 06/12/2004 at 01:02.
How can one be human... and still feel lonley?. A thought that I have believed in for many years now. I have spent many of nights discussing the verry topics and points of this movie down to the equations over a cup of coffee joined with some equaly aware observers. I am overjoyed that these thoughts are comeing to the serface in many of our minds around the world. This instills a feeling of hope for our future. Lux et Veritas

Submitted by: Eva Jane, age 31 from West Seattle, WA on 06/11/2004 at 18:14.
Thank you. I am totally inspiried. This film will never leave me, as you all have had a tremendous impact on my life.

Submitted by: Wanja Pole, age 27 from Geneva, Select on 06/10/2004 at 18:08.
It is such a pleasure to watch all the different artists bypass the industry establishment in the US more and more frequently with results that are often politically incorrect and matter greatly. Please consider to release this movie in Europe as well. It is important for us to know that there are good people in America who can export something else to the rest of the world than BigMacs and WMD. ActNow, Wanja

Submitted by: reese stein, age 47 from kenosha,wisconsin, WI on 06/10/2004 at 16:27.
I really believe that we may have something here...a film that will move us toward a kinder, gentler, more compassionate society.. can we just say it?.. a world based in Love and Respect. in peace.. with love.. sounding aaauuummmmm Reese

Submitted by: Anita McKenzie, age 44 from Phoenix, AZ on 06/10/2004 at 15:16.
My second time seeing the movie and my second entry here after reading 18 pages of comments. All I can say again is thanks. To all the people who see themselves as open-minded, Give JZ Knight a break!! She is a brilliant mind and if you can believe in Ramtha or not, JZ is an intellegent, beautiful, mystery. Don't you agree?? Be open to possibility, or did you miss that part!!

Submitted by: Sandy Bessler, age 49 from Sandpoint, ID on 06/10/2004 at 13:29.
Incredible, exciting, brave, mind-opening, thought provoking, inspiring. I saw it 3 times and could see it again! I want to see a sequel on String-theory and M-theory!

Submitted by: Beth Shearon, age 33 from Enid, OK on 06/10/2004 at 11:42.
Looking forward to it, bring it on!

Submitted by: Rick Heede, age 52 from Snowmass, CO, CO on 06/10/2004 at 11:04.
I find it true in my life that I can design in goodness and happiness and health. Of course, I am only practicing, and I am not all that good at it; even so, I am one of the luckiest humans alive. Peptides? Perhaps. I see the coherence in more spiritual and intentional terms, but the exact mechanism does not matter. Oooh, "does not matter," -- bring up the Twilight Zone music.

Submitted by: Irene Read, age 60 from Tucson, AZ on 06/09/2004 at 23:12.
Quantum Mechanics has fascinated me for sometime ever since I read The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot. So clear and an easy read for a novice. This movie touched all my core beliefs found in metaphysics and Buddhism. Thank you for remindng me that my intention everyday is to glow in the excitement of knowing I am the co-creator of my life experiences! I will spread the word to everyone I know.

Submitted by: Freeda Lee, age 84 from Parowan, UT on 06/09/2004 at 18:37.
Your first book that I found in 1993 was "Paralell Universes". I have not found the recent books until now-6/9/04. You manage to bring it all into One- I thank you. Freeda Lee

Submitted by: Betsy Bradley, age 54 from Sedro Woolley, WA on 06/09/2004 at 15:58.
Thank you.

Submitted by: B C, age 25 from Ashland, OR on 06/09/2004 at 03:01.
This film is a prerequisite to life. Challenging enough for a scholar yet simplified enough for a anyone. And if you didn't get it. Go back to your James Bond movies.

Submitted by: James Jones, age 47 from Surprise, AZ on 06/08/2004 at 18:47.
Best movie I've seen in a long time. Helped me visualize theories I've read about in "Dancing Wu Li Masters" and other books. Can't wait for the DVD set. Many thanks. James

Submitted by: Tara Garcia, , CA on 06/08/2004 at 12:59.
Interesting site.

Submitted by: charles hauck, age 60 from Lancaster, PA on 06/08/2004 at 04:05.
Thank you very much for a wonderful film. You Create Your Own Reality. What a wonderful concept. We are all in your debt. Charles Hauck

Submitted by: Giavonne Mitchell, , WA on 06/08/2004 at 01:13.
Interesting that the comments of the viewing public fit in line with the theories (facts) put forth in What The Bleep. You know you're on the right track when so many people return over and over again to see your film. You know you're on the right track when accusations and intolerance are flung at you! They mirror your hopes and fears. Ultimately (producers, directors, writers, and all involved with the release of this film) your hopes will win out, as this message is far too powerful to be denied by a few sour peptides! Yippee for you for turning "no's" into "YES!" s. Don't slow the pace, your message is more timely than ever and I will continue to drive and put people into cabs (literally)to get to this film. Thank You for your love and devotion to this message and ultimately us! Sincerely, Giavonne

Submitted by: Barry Smith, , FL on 06/07/2004 at 18:42.
This is the film I wanted to make. I think that this film is an example of the acceleration of the evolution of consciousness. Change is happening on the planet at an exponential rate and it is being driven, primarily, by the power of images. As it moves around the globe this film will change people in fundamental ways. The CG, in particular, is transmutational, I need to experience them again but I have already made a most welcome leap of awareness that is demonstrating in my daily life. As far as Ramtha, in the eighties I learned a lot from the early Ramtha material and I felt that it held a great deal of truth but when I caught up with the J.Z. show I moved on. I believe her first book was simple called “RAMTHA” and the story, for me, created dynamic imagery and was a great metaphor and for the concept of spirit into matter. If this was her only contribution to the evolutionary process, it would be meaningful. I have occasionally wondered if J.Z. was still around and I didn’t realize that it was her until the credit roll, - a little jarring but it was fun to see her. Good luck, I am trying to organize a group viewing in LA but both dates are I am out of town, I would love to support the film any way that I can. Thanks for the gift.

Submitted by: Ruth-Claire Polinsky, from Mayer, AZ, AZ on 06/06/2004 at 19:12.
We noticed a bronze Cosanti Originals (Soleri) bell hanging just outside the window of one of the interviewees towards the end of the film and were wondering if we might obtain a copy of the film for the Soleri Archives at Arcosanti. (Of course we thought the film itself was terrific even before that!) Thanks for all your effort in making it.

Submitted by: A J, from Scottsdale, AZ on 06/06/2004 at 18:48.
I read all 17 pages of reviews. Some reviewers made interesting points and some viewers gave up on the film because of Ramtha, the woman who looks like a well-fed Elke Summer or a future Bo Derek, but anyway the point I want to make is that this film has value. If all you got was entertainment out of it and a chuckle that's OK. If this film moved you to research and learn more about space, quantum physics, science in general, then it worked. If this film motivated you to check your health, your looks, your addictions and more, then that too worked. If this film made you question all kinds of religions, beliefs and more then it worked. To brush off a film simply on the basis of the woman who spoke of Ramtha than you are missing the point. If doesn't matter to me whether she was channeled by a mouse or if she made it up. And even is she is making a good living at it, if even one sentence improves one person's life to make something out of it before that person dies, then it works. All films have the personal imprint of its writer, director and so forth that is unavoidable, even if you leave a camera in the middle of the city and let it film whatever it wants by control remote, you are still influencing it. Don't judge an entire film because you didnt' like Ramphta or some scientist in the film, or Polish polkas, or the music, whatever. See it, feel it, listen to it, see it again and then continue searching and questioning and see what it does for you. This film has already impacted me a great deal. I have already made some life-affirming and dramatic changes in my life on some levels because I kept an open mind. Yes I saw it three times and I saw something different each time, and learned something new about myself and the people in my life. I enjoyed it. It made me think. It made me float on air. It made me feel great. It made me see my own emotions, addictions and patterns on the screen. It made me feel grateful for my eyesight, my hearing, my ability to feel, think and express my curiosity and the motivation to see where I can improve and understand this thing called Life. If some people are afraid of channeling, well, then don't study the bible or Moses or anyone else in the supermarket of belief systems, because they sometimes function as manuals on channeling if you ask me, prayers do the same thing, as well as dreams and crazy ideas that "pop into our heads" that gee, sometimes lead to writing stories, songs, music, art, design buildings, run countries etc., just ask Pres Bush who is channeling him when he declares war, it is so documented all over the Internet. etc. Don't get stuck, move on, check the rabbit hole, climb a mountain, check your head, listen to your heart, find youself, reach out....and maybe one of these days I'll tell you who is channeling me... A Soul

Submitted by: K S, , OR on 06/06/2004 at 15:00.
I posted a comment earlier and neglected to mention one very troubling item. You include Ramtha in with the scientists listed. This is an insult to the true scientists and degrades your message greatly.

Submitted by: K S, , OR on 06/06/2004 at 14:52.
I fail to see the fascination. The entire movie seemed a combination of a rather heavy-handed story line with a few good NOVA programs from PBS. The only redeeming features were the local color ( we recognized many Portland locations) and a few of the scientist's speeches. It has all been said before and in ways with more dignity and depth. What the *! is the point?

Submitted by: Celeste Generaux, , ID on 06/06/2004 at 13:36.
Waht great timing, for a film like this!!! If our collective "HUMAN THOUGHT Patterns" can unify in a peac
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