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George Clooney co-stars Nespresso tenth spot with actor Jack Black

Nespresso has joined its new communication campaign to another great actor to star in the last spot by the brand ambassador, George Clooney. Jack Black is playing himself and gives a new twist to the tenth expected delivery of the advertising saga.

The new Nespresso ad playfully explores the concept of “What Else?” , Which it is achieved that the public appreciate the unique qualities that Nespresso offers to make every moment of tasting unique. “What Else?” It summarizes all the elements that combine to create the perfect coffee experience: from the exclusive focus on sustainable coffee and the unmatched quality of coffee to the excellent and extensive technical knowledge on the subject, the elegant boutiques, theĀ innovative services and much more.

George Clooney is serving a cup of coffee smooth and creamy Nespresso on the terrace of a spectacular Italian villa on the shores of Lake Como. Just at the moment when the coffee is ready, a hand grabs the cup appears. This is Jack Black, who approaches an attractive woman who tries to seduce immediately using the famous phrase of George, “What Else?”. Jack does not realize evil and says the phrase, and George intervenes to correct him . Then Jack experiences a moment of “revelation” when he begins to understand the incomparable difference represents Nespresso, and the meaning of “What Else?” It is shown to him clearly.

The famous and distinctive phrase “What Else” appeared in the first announcement of George Clooney, in 2006. Since then, many big Hollywood stars George Clooney have accompanied to continue the series, as the actors John Malkovich, Matt Damon or more recently, Jean Dujardin.

As part of the campaign this year, Nespresso will invite his fans to share their moments #WhatElse through Nespresso.com or social networks Nespresso. The winning image will be rewarded with a gastronomic experience for two. Also among the other participants were two machines latissima Touch Red and ten travel mugs Nespresso raffled from https://www.espressocampus.com/best-espresso-machines/under-300.

This advertising campaign Nespresso television, entitled “Epiphany” and is starring George Clooney and Jack Black, was released in Spain on October 29, 2015.


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