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Cooking with coffee and film at the San Sebastian Festival

Few cities in the world will be in the mix between film and food curdle as well as in Donostia. So anyone be surprised at the positive reception for some years has sectionCulinay Zinema at the Film Festival San Sebastian. The second has reached its issue number 63, while culinary cinema section and has five years behind.

There have been these days hand Nespresso , official sponsor of the fifth edition ofCulinary Zinema , and in which the marriage of movies and food goes beyond the theater and comes to some restaurants in the city.

The proposal is most appealing: after the film -7 of section 17 have been presented withthis format – a dinner centered on the theme addressed in the film. Of course, the city, already overturned in the Festival, warmly welcomes the idea. So much so that, as we count those responsible, tickets for this succulent double bill flew in just minutes.

And not least because, what do you want to see after leaving the interesting DNA ceviche ? Indeed, ceviche dinner. That’s what we could do together with Orlando Arriagada, director of this documentary about the most international dish of Peruvian cuisine.

A dinner at the restaurant Nineu of San Sebastian by Mikel Gallo, known chef of this restaurant located in the same Kursaal , seat of Festival, more cinematic impossible and Jorge Munoz, Pakta , one of the most acclaimed Peruvian restaurants in Barcelona . A movie menu with four hands to discover, for example, that the kimchi takes great with ceviche, or that this dish can be served hot.

The ceviche, a popular food fishing despised at the time by the upper classes, not only has become the best ambassador of Peru hand Acurio, but is also able to fill a theater of San Sebastian one Wednesday at 6 pm. If when we say that the food is fashionable talk about this, fashions are welcome.

NOMA, my perfect storm , Pierre Deschamps has won the Tokyo Gohan Film Festival Award – its culinary counterpart in Japan this section Culinary Cinema.  And  Cross Country , Stories Cider Cooking in the end of the world, and devised by Andoni Luis Aduriz, Alejandro Ruiz, Victor Ruben Trincado Wagman or between other menus have completed the menu during this 63rd edition ofFestival.

Jean-Marc Dragoli, CEO of Nespresso in Spain, with Juan Mari Arzak

-from Trincado precisely Mirador de Ulia , with a Michelin – star brand is responsible for the Atelier Nespresso in San Sebastian, adding more than one component to the equation cinema, kitchen and coffee. A seven – course menu in which is always present in coffee and also the relationship of each with cinema is sought.That is the complex proposal that this ephemeral restaurant came to the festival to stay there only three days, and also featured the actress Juana Acosta as matron of honor.

And although a priori may seem too juggling for a dish, this young chef comes out unscathed with such unique creations like a glass of rice, brine shrimp and -mar coffee and coffee funcionan- dedicated to My Blueberry Nights , a kokotxas -especialidad of the house on black coffee cream and garlic, although it seems impossible, are as good as beautiful is the dish, or a nod to Como agua para chocolate with a duck to Volluto , nespresso compatible capsules singapore.

Rubén Trincado and Juana Acosta during the presentation of one of the dishes on the Nespresso Atelier San Sebastian

We like to eat, we love movies and we like to, of course, Donostia. Nothing can go wrong with that combination, even if we leave without coming across too many stars, we joked with Jose Luis Rebordinos, director of the Film Festival, as he tells us of the best pintxos of the city and its prices. But that is another film which, incidentally, will debut soon.


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