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England has given us heroes as James Bond film, actors as good as Laurence Olivier and Tilda Swinton, also great directors like Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick. It is always a pleasure to see his films but, as a student of English, can also serve you to learn.

Movies are a unique and fun to expedite learning English way. Check our list of the best British films and then try some of our exercises in English, they are fun, fast and are designed to test what you learned watching movies.

Gregory’s Girl (1981)

Gregory is an awkward teenager looking conquer Dorothy, the new girl in school football team. The film takes place in a school in Scotland. This peculiar ( quirky ) film stands out from the typical high school movies United States, with characteristic athletes and cheerleaders characters.In this film students are normal, with real problems, sense of humor (humor ) Actual and beautifully realistic dialogue ( beautifully realistic dialogue ). It is also a great way to hear the Scottish accent ( Scottish accent ) spoken clearly.

In the Loop (2009)

Directed by Armando Iannucci film. This political drama provides a satiric point of view ( satirical ) to all the events that caused the war in Iraq.The script is full of teasing the political language ( political language ) and makes comparisons between the language used by British politicians and the crudest language used by the Americans. Caution: the film uses a vocabulary very strong, As we are sure you speak with the power! England really stands out with political films. If you interested in politics and want to learn more about the specific vocabulary, you can also see Four Lions and The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer.

The King’s Speech (2010)

Colin Firth stars in this historical drama impersonating the King George, who had to overcome his stutter to achieve deliver an inspiring message for his people. Since this film focuses specifically on the talk, it is a master class in pronunciation ( master class in pronunciation ).

The Queen (2006)

The best way to listen to the English “Queen” ( Queen’s Inglés ) is watching this film. The queen is played by Helen Mirren and the film is about the reaction of the royal family at the death of Princess Diana. Not only gives us a fascinating glimpse of how the royalty is handled, but speak in an incredibly clear way ( incredibly clear ) and easy to understand. You’ll be able to differentiate between upper – class accent (upper class accent ) and other accents of England.

How the English Old Movies Can Help Accelerate Your Learning A

  • Listening skills and understanding – The visual element of the film makes it easier for students to understand the dialogue and follow the action. You may think you’re just sitting, relaxing and enjoying the movie but, during that time, your brain is absorbing all these new sounds and associating them with English. The more people hear speaking English , the faster you can talk yourself.
  • Authentic and varied language – English films offer a variety of accents and English dialects. The London accent is very different from Scotland or Wales. All cities have their own pronunciation: Birmingham, Liverpool, Newcastle, Glasgow, etc. The “rich” characters speak very different from working – class characters, as happens in real life. English films help you to listen to British English real , more natural than those found in textbooks dialogues.
  • Pronunciation – One of the most difficult areas for English learners in general is the pronunciation. Listen and watch movies allows you to quickly compare the pronunciation of actors (native speakers of English) with yours.
  • An entertaining way to learn – como aprender ingles sozinho e rapido by watching movies you will not get bored. They allow you can keep motivated and enjoying learning, two things that are necessary to achieve your goal.

Tips for watching movies

Use subtitles – Most DVDs and movies on the Internet offer a variety of subtitles. Subtitles allow you to follow the dialogue and help you understand words that may not understand the first time. You can also choose subtitles in English, rather than in your language, so that you also practice reading and comprehension.

Regrésale the time you need – Maybe there are some words that you did not get understand. In that case, you can give back to the film until you can understand the pronunciation. Try to see that part in slow motion so you can see how he moves his mouth and what form when the phrase says. Then, try to copy this to improve your pronunciation.


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