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7 Great Movies on Fitness

“I believe in intense, violent, daily, systematic exercise to the point of muscle failure.” -Jack LaLanne

Friday marks what would have been the 100th birthday icon health and the godfather of fitness, and life and career LaLanne are being honored in a new documentary, everything is possible, which premiered in New York this week .

Honor LaLanne this weekend by watching one of these seven great movies about fitness. Just make sure you hit at least 100 bends after each act break. After all, as LaLanne said, “It’s not what you do part of the time that counts, but what you do all the time that counts.”

Pumping Iron
This 1977 documentary introduced many Americans both the sport of bodybuilding, Fit Shop Pro review and his best athlete, one Arnold Schwarzenegger. So besides being a great movie on fitness, we also have to thank for The Terminator, Conan the Barbarian, and Total Recall. (Also, Jingle All the Way and years “Governator”, but still …)

Sly Stallone tried five times, but never exceeded (and never exceed) the Rocky originals. The 1978 Best Picture Oscar winner contains some of the most inspirational training scenes ever made to the film. Just watch the rock go!

GI Jane
Demi Moore could be the best person in any of these films. Her one-arm push-ups scene is damn awesome.

Fight Club
‘re breaking the first rule of Fight Club to talk about it, but how could not include Brad Pitt in his most riotous time and sequestered in a list like this?


One of our most popular workouts story is inspired by this blockbuster about the 300 Spartan men who went to war against thousands of Persians. (Try the training for yourself). It’s the movie that made Gerard Butler (and most notably, Gerard Butler’s abs) a star.

Tom Hardy beast is how this great film MMA for some years. He does not say much as he prepares to go hand-in-hand with his brother at the end of a big tournament but is physically able to break someone’s head.

Pain & Gain
“I believe in the gym” is the first line of this crime satire starring guys cover Health old men Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. There are two Florida bodybuilders trying to live the American dream. Yes, they end up murdering a man, but at least they look very good doing it.


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