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10 motivational films to lose weight

Today your life changes forever. Today I finally have the motivation you need to achieve the body you’ve always dreamed of . Let’s talk about movies. We all love to sit in front of the TV for hours watching inspirational stories to help us become better people. Here we bring 10 films motivational weight loss from oldschooldiet.com.

Did you past that after seeing a movie you want to be a better person, correcting the weak side of your personality? The magic of movies is amazing. Well today we’ll talk about the films that motivate you to lose weight, productions that inspire jogging in the morning, when the world is still asleep.

These films will definitely improve your life in great shape, will give a powerful energy and inspiration to lose weight.

I still remember the first time I saw Rocky, Sylvester Stallone. When that embattled boxer went outside before the sun peeked my spirit bloomed athlete.

Today we’ll talk about those movies that make us stronger and determined people.

1. Million Dollar Baby (2004): you see here Hilary Swank who, for his role as amateur boxer, fight to improve their fitness and well established in this sport, despite their age and sex; what you get after fighting normal adversities of his profession. The plot is exceptional because motivates you to strengthen the will, perseverance, to lose weight and be fit.

2. Flashdance (1983): here the protagonist, Jennifer Beals, teaches you to fight with passion to strengthen your body. She did it for and for dancing, what you can do for your life.

3. Charlie’s Angels (2000): Cameron Diaz gives you excellent visual tips to keep your weight and tone the body through hard training; she does it with surfing, you can do walking and trotting gently but steadily.

4. Rocky (1976): although it is personified by a man (Sylvester Stallone), you can see here how the perseverance to put the body in shape, driven by an iron will to do so, produce the miracle that you want for your figure. We recommend you see it and then reflect on the mental and physical effort that lead the character Rocky Balboa to do what we invite you to do from this point: the total change in your life.

5. Karate Kid (1984) movie that teaches you the value of perseverance and awareness to put the body in the form (martial arts). The winning many battles so the protagonist are related to the combat that you, as a woman who wants to throw those extra kilos, will realize after reading this article.

Now you remember these 10 motivational movies, I invite you to analyze whether these actors and actresses down and gain weight at whim how wish, you fortiori can carry out that task because you have all the time in the world to do as you are not pushing for the date, as happens to the actors. This is the right time to start what you will live, really, what you want and very well know you deserve.


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